Open Labs are laboratory spaces where citizens can practice science using the methods of professional researchers. A growing number of community laboratories are making a contribution to scientific production and changing the way science is done, applied, perceived and disseminated. The original independent biomaker “wet labs” are growing into larger higher impact multidisciplinary labs and are becoming part of the offering of institutions such as museums and science centers, libraries, schools, universities and research centers.

In this section will present different types of community laboratories, describing the tools, methods and activities that arise from diverse communities that embrace a variety of projects and approaches.

July 9, 2017

Bio Art Lab. School of Visual Arts, New York City

A few weeks ago my friend Ellen Jorgensen, co-founder of the Brooklyn Molecular Biology Community Lab Genspace, invited me to the Mitochondrial DNA Workshop for Artists that she was running at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. “You should come with me and visit the Bio Art Lab, it´s fantastic”, she mentioned in her email.