July 18, 2017

Can Citizens Use Phage Viruses to Improve Their Health and The Environment?

I would like to start my DIY science series of articles with a recent DIY bio activity at my local community lab. When I saw the announcement for a bacteriophage workshop at DIYbio Barcelona, I knew I couldn´t miss the opportunity.
July 5, 2017

“David Bowie Is” at the Barcelona Design Museum

How about Bowie’s exhibition? Is it worth the money? Friends are asking after my visit to the exhibition. The simple answer is “It is a really good exhibition” and “Yes, it’s worth the money”. But let me try to tell you why.
May 8, 2014

Open Lab: La Caixa Foundation

In June of 2016 colleagues at La Caixa Foundation asked for my collaboration in the creation of a science laboratory at the permanent exhibition at CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Barcelona.